Offline to Online

Enthusem engages offline, where you can truly stand out and drives the recipient online to a personal & ultra rich experience.


Exclusive, high value personal leads that are hand picked individually and engaged with ultra personal and rich content. Truly one-to-one.

Real Time

Real time alerts tell you when your hand picked contacts are engaged so you can follow up and engage personally, at the exact right time.


Your handpicked leads will already know who you are when itís time to engage in a conversation, helping you get around gatekeepers.

Client: Chevrolet
SalesForce Integration
Available on the AppStore
Client: Nat Geo Wild
Velocify Integration

Achieve Goals

"Seamless communication has helped us achieve our desired goals of getting in front of the potential clients we have targeted."

S &L Solutions LLC

Ease of Use

"Love the concept, love the ease of use and the ability to spark the recipients interest is great!"

Marketing Services Manager, Lloyd Inc

State of the Art

"Common sense approach, state of art technology... hands down best in class. A must DO for everyone in sales."

Principal, MacMunnis Inc.

Qualified Leads

"The Enthusem program helps us find good, qualified leads at a very reasonable price."

Owner, Fitzpatrick Engineering Group, PLLC