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Hyper-Personalized, Offline to Online Marketing Campaign Selected as AMA Marketer of the Year Finalist

TAMPA, FLA. (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 16, 2017 Enthusem, a hyper-personalized, offline to online marketing software company based in Tampa, Fla., was selected as an AMA Marketer of the Year Finalist in both the “Integrated Marketing” and “Direct Mail” categories. In the “Integrated Marketing” category, Enthusem was selected as a finalist for its creative work for AVI-SPL, […]

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The Industrial Revolution of Sales — How Marketing and Sales Technology Will Squeeze the Job Pool for Sales Professionals

The Industrial Revolution was a time of scale without sacrificing quality. But with the “Industrial Revolution of Sales,” it’s quickly becoming about how to scale without sacrificing personal relationships. The first and second Industrial Revolutions turned the world on its head by moving away from old-world craftsmanship (one person completing one product) to having multiple […]

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Hyper-Personalized Direct Mail, Automated from HubSpot

The Enthusem Integration for HubSpot provides users with an offline to online marketing software tool that integrates seamlessly with their existing marketing automation strategy in HubSpot. TAMPA, FLA. (PRWEB) JANUARY 26, 2017 Enthusem has announced that their offline to online marketing software has been invited to join the HubSpot Connect Beta Integrators program. The Enthusem […]

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Human to Human Personalization-At-Scale Over Just Relevant Content

We’ve all gotten automated marketing pieces from a company that try to trick you into thinking they’re actually personal, right? They want you to believe that the content was meant just for you when in reality 100,000 others that fit your demographics are getting the same thing. The first sign of this is getting a […]

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Automate, Track and Scale Direct Mail with Enthusem’s Salesforce Integration

TAMPA, FLORIDA (PRWEB) MARCH 09, 2016 Enthusem announced an integration with Salesforce that automates, tracks and scales direct mail campaigns offering a complete turn key, closed loop marketing solution. The Enthusem integration with Salesforce triggers printed mailers based on Salesforce user activity with no manual interaction from users. “Our goal with the integration was to […]

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