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The Enthusem integration with Velocify automatically sends out personal, printed mailers without any interaction from your sales team…and notifies them instantly when their leads are engaged with your marketing.

Enthusem’s unique offline to online approach engages otherwise hard to reach leads offline with an ultra personal mailer and leads them to a personal video online. Setup triggers to mail leads after they’ve gone dark, re-engage them with a message that gets them back into the sales funnel. Thank clients after a purchase and ask for referrals. Stay in front of ultra high value prospects on a regular basis. All using business rules right in Velocify.

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About Velocify

Velocify® is the leading sales acceleration platform. The company helps more than 1,500 sales teams sell more by bringing speed and control to the entire sales process. Velocify helps sales teams prospect with more precision, accelerate lead engagement, and implement optimized workflows, ultimately helping sales teams find and convert more leads. Velocify has recently been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in North America by Deloitte and Inc. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter @Velocify.