Reseller Program

Team up with Enthusem, grow revenues and have happy customers!

Add more value to your product and service offerings by including Enthusem as part of your client’s marketing mix! A healthy marketing program should include many different vehicles, such as email, printed mail and digital ads. Enthusem makes it easy to integrate direct mail, personalized at scale, into existing marketing processes.

Enthusem Resellers experience benefits such as:

  • Free software use for your own internal marketing
  • Reduced pricing so you can generate revenue
  • Flexibility to charge your clients what you want, if you want
  • Shorter term agreements so you can set your own terms with your clients
  • Reseller branded User Interface so your brand is front and center
  • Enthusem’s award winning customer support to help grow your program

Interested in becoming an Enthusem Reseller?

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If you are an active reseller, click here to view resources.